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Diabetes Education


Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES)


Our free DSMES program provides education and support to those looking to better manage their prediabetes or diabetes. Classes will be scheduled soon!

Newly Diagnosed with Diabetes or New to Diabetes Education?


The Diabetes 101, A Self-Guided Approach to Understanding Diabetes e-Learning module provides a self-paced approach to learning about the basics of diabetes. Please enjoy this free module as you consider joining one of our DSMES series!



Diabetes Prevalence in our Area, based upon 2017
Kentucky Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey

One in eight, or 33,000 adults in the Barren River District's eight-county area have diagnosed diabetes. An additional 7,700 people have undiagnosed diabetes. One in four people in our area have diabetes and don’t even know it! 

diabetes BRADD 2017 KY Behavioral Risk F

Barren- 12%

Butler- 12%

Edmonson- 17%

Hart- 8%

Logan- 8%

Metcalfe- 15%

Simpson- 15%

Warren- 9%

District average= 12%

Kentucky average= 13%

National median= 10.5%

Prevalence of Diagnosed in our Area, based upon
Kentucky Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey

Diabetes BRADD 2017 KY Behavioral Risk F

One in ten adults in Kentucky have been diagnosed with prediabetes. It is estimated that 1 in 3 adults have undiagnosed prediabetes. In the Barren River area, this would mean around 92,000 adults are at risk for developing Type 2 diabetes.

Are You at Risk?

· Overweight

· 45 and older

· Physically Inactive

· Prediabetes

· Family History

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